Show NameHours On AirDays On AirShow/Talent
Mornings5 - 10aMonday - FridayMurphy, Sam & Jodi
Middays10 - 3pMonday - FridayChris O’Neil
Afternoons3 - 7pMonday - FridayKylah
Evenings7- 12aMonday - SundayThe John Tesh Radio Show
Talent Bios


I am a busy working redheaded mom/wife/friend who’s never really grown up at heart!!   Doing the show is probably the perfect job for me – since I love to “play” here with the guys every morning.  Murphy and I couldn’t stop gazing into each other’s eyes when we first started, so we got married (seriously, he’s my best friend).  We have 2 beautiful daughters who challenge and delight us.  We also have 5 dogs (can you say pack?) that we are in love with and addicted to.  I am passionate about saving homeless animals, binge watching tv shows and getting a great deal on clothing & shoes.  I was raised a country girl, and she does still live inside of me.



I’m a “y’at”…born and raised in New Orleans.  Murphy and I teamed up in 1992 and Jodi joined the fun in 1997…the rest is history. My part: I bring the funny, clean humor, sarcasm and a very cynical view of the world.  I also try to lighten the mood when we tackle serious subjects…it’s my way of dealing with the world.  I’m a single dad of 5 great kids, and my favorite ways to enjoy my free time are cooking, grilling, photography, watching football on Saturdays and Sundays, everything electronic, working in the yard and garden and of course my collection of Chucks (Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes).  Jodi says I have many layers like an onion…could be why I’ve been divorced three times.


I am married to Jodi (my favorite redhead) and love to spoil my two daughters Taylor and Phoebe. I’ve known Sam for the better part of two decades, and married Jodi in 1999. I’ve been called Mr. Safety, Mr. Diplomacy – and occasionally Mr. Paradox because my passion rules my heart. Working with Jodi everyday is not a problem for me – and my favorite time is still dinner with the girls after school.

Chris O’Neil

Chris O’Neil…the Next Big Deal!-Middays

I got my start in radio like so many get their start in every other cool field in America: NEPOTISM!

Kidding, though radio is the family business. I started as a board-op in Canton, Ohio when I was sixteen, working for my dad, who has been in radio all my life. So when I needed a job, it went like this: they needed a board op, and I said “I can do that”. That’s it. Simple, right? It’s amazing what good connections can do for ya! After a while, I graduated to weekends on air, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Since then, I’ve spent the last twelve years (almost thirteen, now…) all over the place. I spent two years in Canton radio, then a year in New Milford, CT renting movies at the last remaining Blockbuster Video in the world! (Hyperbole) Then, I moved down to Pensacola, FL for three years. Spent a little time in Melbourne, FL after that, then moved up to Jamestown, NY (the home of Lucille Ball…and they’ll never let you forget it!). Now, after Scott begged and begged (lies!), I come to Montrose to bring Colorado my unique (strange) brand of humor and insight!

Kylah Campbell-Evenings


I was born in Colorado but spent most of my time growing up in Texas, so if you hear a slight accent, that is the reason why. I moved back to Colorado with my family after I graduated high school, went to Denver for college and moved back to the Western Slope after I graduated from Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO. I got me a degree in Communication so that I can talk gooder. I am a huge fan of The Denver Broncos, and the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Texas Rangers! I started out as an intern at this station in July of 2017, and I wouldn’t shut up so they decided to put me to use in the afternoons on Sunny. I love spending afternoons with you on Sunny 103.7!




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